Mayweather To Put $10 Million Towards Suge Knight’s Bail If He Defeats Pacquiao


Floyd Mayweather is expected to pay bail for his friend Suge Knight if he beats Pacquiao.

In a new video clip released by New York Daily News, Knight's attorney said they never identified Suge as the driver of the vehicle that led to the death of one man while another man - who was in crtical condition - was rushed to the hospital.

I think there is limit to some kind of friendship. If Mayweather would invest in Suge's release if he wins the upcoming fight this Saturday, May 2, then I hope he loses. Is Floyd thinking at all? Does he even consider the fact that the family of the victims that Suge ran over could be his fans and were probably rooting for him to win the fight before this new discovery?

Come on Floyd! Don't dabble into things that could rub off badly on you. Suge can take care of himself. After all this is not his first time getting into trouble.

Watch the video and tell me what you all think?

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