HPOTM: Congratulations To Star of The Month Sherece of Los Angeles, California

Congratulations to our star of the month of May and it's none other than Sherece Schaffe of Los Angeles California!!!

Sherece was born in Torrance, California but raised in St. Andrew, Jamaica for most of her life because her Jamaican parents wanted her to have a more disciplined educational experience. One very distinctive quality of this beautiful lady is her sense of humor. Whenever she is asked her place of origin, her response is "I don't really know where I belong, so I like to think of myself as Jamerican."

She lives in the heart of Los angeles in Koreatown. Based on her educational background, she has a Master of Arts in Psychology from Alma Mater Pepperdine University. Scaffe is someone you call a 'people's person' because of her love for people and her ability to work with all personality types. She currently works at a local Mental Health organization as a Personal Service Coordinator II.

When I first saw this photo of Schaffe, I went Whao! The image is what is called 'Raw Beauty' in the world of modeling and photography. With no make up, all black and white, yet our star of the month is mind blowing. Sometimes, you just have to be you and keep in mind that embracing your true self radiates a natural beauty that cannot be diluted or ignored. Confident, beautiful, untamable and big hearted Sherece!

As for where she sees herself five years from now, she said "in 5 years, I want to provide children with therapeutic and nurturing settings to learn and grow in. I see myself working with a non-profit helping young children who are at risk or have special needs and help them develop a toolbox of skills they can use throughout their lives. I've always wanted to do something that guides the youths who may feel invisible or misunderstood and help them tap into expressing themselves healthily."

English is her native language, but she can speak conversational Spanish. Since her boyfriend is Mexican-American she has a lot of opportunities to practice the language. She's also fluent in Patois (Jamaican dialect).

Her immediate family is made up of 8 full and half siblings combined. She is her father's eldest child and the second oldest child from her mother. While her father and siblings live in the United States, her mother, grandmother, aunts and cousins still reside in Jamaica.

I know we everyone would like to know more about Schaffe's love life because like the saying goes "good things don't last long in the market." Well, she is in a loving and supportive relationship with her boyfriend of almost 4 years.

Does this damsel have a hobby? Yes she does. Interesting ones as a matter of fact. "I am trying to put passion back into my life so I am picking up some old hobbies like playing badminton, reading fiction and experiencing new things. I also like doing simple DIY crafts. I recently started volunteering at a local animal shelter because I have been having an itch to find an adorable furry companion. I grew up with several pets and animals and I miss that. So I want to volunteer for now until I'm in a position to become a pet owner," she said.


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