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Governor Adams Oshiomole Set To Remarry On Friday

Nigeria: Edo state governor Adams Oshiomole is set to tie the knot with his 'new flame' on Friday, May 15.

Though, governor is keeping details of the ceremony under wraps, - especially from the media- but Monspick has its way of sucking information out of anyone who has link to its target subject. Lol!!!

According to a close friend of the family, the governor has been seeing a 26-year- old mulatto for a while now. The governor fell in love with this young lady not just because of her beauty, but also for her inner beauty (good manners).

"She is a size 12 beauty and she is very humble and polite," the family friend said.

The registry will be held on Friday, May 15, at Etsako West Local Government Secretariat in Edo State, Nigeria. Reception will follow at the governor's 'resort-like- home in Iyamho.

On Tuesday, December 2010, Oshiomole's wife, Clara passed away at a Maitama clinic in Abuja after a long battle with breast cancer. She was 54 years old.

It's almost 5 years now since Clara Oshiomole passing, finally the governor has made up his mind to move on and remarry.

In an interview he granted last december, he said: "My late wife was my spiritual guardian. When I met her and proposed to her, she said, I know you are a Christian, but are you baptized?

"Why she was alive, she was constantly reminding me on the need to support the community to builda church and even as a labor activist, she would aways remind me to be certain that we had provision for the church

"I believe in all we have done, what would excite Clara most is the effort that we have all made to build this church to this level and I imagine how she would have felt to begin to worship in this church."

We are yet to get the name and photograph of this 'unknown' damsel that has swept the feet of our governor. So that we can at least put a name to a face. Right? We will keep you posted about new development on this story.

We wish the lovebirds all the best that marriage has to offer!


Governor Adams Aliyu Oshiomole of Edo State, Nigeria


Late Clara Oshiomole

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