Burundi Policewoman Attacked By Mob For Shooting At A Protester

On Tuesday, May 12 in Bujumbura the capital of Burundi, angry protesters came to demonstrate against their president's controversial attempt for a third term. To control the rioters, police officers threw tear gas and opened fire towards the anti-government protesters.

As officers clashed with the demonstrators, a particular protester was seen struggling to escape from a group of officers. When suddenly, a female officer opened fire on this unarmed man who was only trying to run away from being arrested.

This unlawfal act of the police officer ignited the fury of the mob who turned around and snatched her from her colleagues. She was beaten mercilessly and stoned while the rest of the police officers took off running.

The officers later came back and were able to save the crying female officer from the angry mob.

In these videos, Daily Mail captured the moment when the female officer shot at the protester at point blank and when she was taken away to be dealth with by the mob.



The female officer trying to escape

Moment when the female officer shot at the protester at point blank

Moment female officer was rescued after being dragged down the street by the Mob

Below are other terrifying photos from the incident:






Burundi President Pierre-Nkurunziza.jpg

Burundi President Pierre-Nkurunziza remains calm and determined to get his wishes.

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