Elle Australia's Nursing Mother Cover

What started out as a normal cover shoot with Australian model, Nicole Trunfio has turned out to be one of the best photos ever taken to celebrate motherhood.

Initially, Elle Australia wanted to showcase the model wearing top designers outfits on the cover of their magazine. However, during the shoot, the model had to take a break to feed her hungry baby boy, Zion Clark.

While breastfeeding, the strength of love exhibited by the model and her son was so sweet, the crew got inspired and decided to celebrate the moment. They wanted to send a message to celebrate that bond between a mother and child that last a lifetime.

"....when we saw how beautiful they looked we simply moved her onto the set,” Elle’s editor-in-chief Justine Cullen wrote in her editor’s letter. “It was a completely natural moment that resulted in a powerful picture.”

“When I saw the cover of me breastfeeding, which was unplanned and just natural, I teared up and thought, ‘Wow this is such a special moment where my worlds have collided’,“ said the model to Cullen.

What makes this cover even more powerful is the fact that it was published at a time when nursing mothers are criticizied for breastfeeding in public. Should a child be starved just because a group of people think it's unethical for the mother to breastfeed the child in public? It is an ongoing controversial breastfeeding issue that many try to shy away from.

The implied message on Elle's cover is so powerful and it's all over the social media, with the hashtag #Normalizedbreastfeeding

Sadly, this particular issue is not on the newsstand. But rather, a different version with the model wearing a black dress and holding her sleeping baby was used. The actual cover showing the model breasting her baby was only sold to subscribers of the magazine.

This discovery has placed the magazine under fire because many believe they are not being geniune about the beautiful message they are trying to pass across to the public.


Subscribers version


The Newsstand version

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