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This 60-Year-Old Teacher's Dance Moves Is Epic!

I saw this video today and it really made my day. I know I have not blogged for some days now. Well, after a long week of working hard, I finally had the time to post something.

Watch this mind blowing dance moves of 60-year-old teacher, Shirley Clements of Canadian high school who recently announced her retirement. To celebrate, she takes to the stage in this hip hop number that’s now going viral.

According to, Ms. Clements is a dance teacher who created “Outbreak,” an annual dance competition. Being an awesome dancer herself, she and her students teamed up to perform a routine to Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk” with some seriously impressive choreography.

The crowd cheers, screams, and claps the second she beings her rap – but they had no idea this performance would be so jaw-dropping once the music starts. She’s just as good, if not better, than her young students! Wait until the three-minute mark, when this 60-year-old woman spins on her head. Literally. Are you kidding me?!

Phew! I know our first lady, Michelle Obama is a very good dancer and she did justice to this song, but she needs to watch her back for Ms. Clement. She goes hard! Lol!

Wishing you all a happy weekend!


Shirley Clements

Shirley Clements doing what she does best!

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