Watch 4 Year Old & Her Crew Dance To 'Watch Me Nae Nae'

This is so cute! Do you remember the little girl, Heaven who was invited with her mom, Tianne King, in 2013 to The Ellen DeGeneres Show to perform their dance routine to Beyoncé’s latest hit single, 7/11? Well, ever since her appearance on the show, she has been moving very fast in the spotlight with her dance teacher mom.

Tianne told Ellen that she never knew her daughter could dance until she noticed her repeating some of her dance routines at the dance studio. These kids can dance! Heaven has a great future ahead of her, funny enough, she is not even in Kindergarton yet.

As you move to the top, you need to take people along with you and that is exactly what little Heaven has done. She recently partnered with a group of young dancers to make her own dance video.

Watch Heaven King and her dance crew dance performance to Silento's "Watch Me" in NYC. Directed and choreographed by Tianne king.

Heaven and her dance crew

Heaven and mom, Tianne

Heaven and mom on The Ellen Show in 2013

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