HPOTM: Congrats To The Star of August, Audrey Apanisile of Ontario, Canada!

Hello August, you've been so good to us and thank you for our star of the month Mrs. Audrey Apanisile of Ontario, Canada.

First of all, for those of you who don't already know, Audrey is my elder sister. I am sure some of you thought about that before even reading about her.

She is the Vice President of Hotel House 30 also known as The Pivotal Guest House and Lounge located in Lagos, Nigeria. This beautiful mother of six children is also the CEO of popular children's clothing store in Lagos called Kiddies Wardrobe Enterprise. Guess what this lady's hobbies are? Shopping and traveling! Lol! She turned her hobbies into a business. Smart move of course.

A couple of years ago, Audrey, Oluwole her husband and their children relocated to Canada. Born, raised in Lagos to Edo parents, Audrey is married to her hearttrobe who hails from Ekiti State. She speaks Edo Language, Ekiti dialet - which is slightly different from the general Yoruba Language - and Yoruba.

She is an alumna of Lagos State University, where she received a Bachelor of Science in Political Science in her undergrad at the Ojo Campus. Loving the knowledge she gained from the school, she later went back to the same school, but to the satelite campus in Jibowu, Lagos, where she completed her Masters program in Public Administration.

Coming from a family with sound academic background, Apanisile has succeeded in placing her children on that same path of growth and sound mind. Her favorite quote is "A child without education, is like a bird without wings."

Isn't she right? Education is indeed worth investing in. As a matter of fact, it is the best investment because it yields the best interest. It is the passport to the future and this is why wise parents invest in knowledge.

Regarding this photo? Audrey is not the type who takes selfies, but she wouldn't mind posing for one if she has to. She decided to share this particular shot because her eldest daughter needed the picture for a school project. Sitting behind the wheels and still looking fly without even trying. How cool is that? Sometimes the best pictures are the ones that we never planned for.

We wish Audrey and Mon's Pick's audience a happy month of August!

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