HPOTM: Congratulations To Star of The Month Amala Ibekie Osuji of Los Angeles

Give it up for our September star of the month! She is the one and only Amala Ibekie Osuji of Los Angeles, California. She is from the eastern part - Imo State - of Nigeria, but relocated to the U.S. many years ago.

Amala is one of the reputable nurses we have around town. With Amala, what you see is what you get. She is very caring, she is a people person and a great leader who has high listening skills. She loves helping others and would always give her support to people around her. Little wonder, today she is a Nurse Case Manager at one of the best healthcare facilities in the city of LA.

Blessed with three adorable children and a very supportive husband, Amala is able to juggle work and family and still maintain her tranquility. To her, her parents are her greatest tools (role models) in life. From a family of five, she also followed her folks pattern and they are five in number in her own nuclear family as well. Guess what? She is a twin! She is so caring and loves to share, she even came into the world with a buddy. Lol! Her fraternal twin sister lives in houston, Texas and is doing great in her career too.

As you can see, easy going Amala is a fashionista. You will never catch her looking tired or disorganized because she believes "good grooming is integral and impeccacble style is a must. If you don't look the part, no one will want to give you their time or money." Beside, grooming is a sign of respect to people you come across in your daily endeavors.

Looking flawless in this beautiful black and white photo, Amala is simply being herself and saying she is enjoying life and she has no regrets.

Congratulations to you, Amala and we pray that the Lord strengthens more you as you positively impact lives by making people feel better.

Amala Ibieke Osuji

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