The Edo National Association Worldwide (ENAW) 2015 Convention

The Edo Association of Southern California Inc. also known as NEDOYE, 2015 convention is offically over. The three-day event which started on Friday September 4th and ended on Sunday the 6th, was held at the Westin Los Angeles Airport Hotel in California. This non-profit 501(c) organization, is dedicated to the promotion and preservation of Edo cultural heritage among all Edo indigenes in diaspora, particularly in Southern Califonia, and back home in Edo State Nigeria.

As usual, the Edo State Governor, Adams Oshiomole was present on Saturday which was also the day of the Gala night. What was even more interesting about his presence, was his beautiful wife, Lara. It was her first time to attend the annual convention and she was received with warm hands by her people. Honorable Patrick Obahiagbon, the governor's son, Adam, where some of the notable faces at the convention.

The red carpet event was truly a classy one. The organizers really did their 'homework.' As a worldwide event, there was provision for an 'Oba Market' similar to the famous one in Benin City, Edo State. Having this luxury marketplace, gave the guests the opportunity to shop for anything they wanted from Nigeria. Businessmen and women from Africa, Europe, The U.S. e.t.c came together to display african fabrics, jewelries - mostly coral beads-, artworks, and many more. For those who wanted to tie Gele (african headties), they didn't have to worry because there were professionals at the market who did justice with the headties.

Children and teenagers were not left out in the fun-filled environment. They kept busy with many activities ranging from art, talent show, fashion show, a beauty pageant and they all went home with lots of goodies.

The Nedoye Women Cultural Dancers where also there to blow the minds of the already elated audience with Edo traditional songs and the signature 'graceful' dance moves. They all looked lovely in their navy blue Velvet wrapper and coral beads.

And then, they saved the best for last, I would say when lengendary singer Osayomore Joseph and his crew took to the stage and wowed the crowd. At the mention of his name, the entire audience screamed and ran to the dance floor. Oh boy! He still gat it! Those old school songs brought back lots of memories. It was history in the making. Last time I saw Osayomore, I was probably 8 years old. So, seeing him was a big deal to me.

Below are some photos from the ENAW Convention. If you have more photos, please forward them to me. Thank you and now enjoy!!!

From right: Edo State Gov. Adams Oshiomole with wife Lara, Mon's Pick & Nonye

From left: Edo State First Lady Mrs. Lara Oshiomole, her PA, Mon's Pick & Nonye

Nedoye Women Cultural Dancers

My humble self (Mon's Pick)

Nedoye Women Cultural Dancers

Amina Karatu and Osayomore Joseph

Mon's Pick (Marilyn) and Osayomore Joseph

The Children's Fashion Show

Miss ENAW and Mr. ENAW contestants

Winner of The Mr ENAW 2015 contest

The beauty Pageant

Models participating in the Fashion Show

The Red Carpet

Amina Karatu

Oba Market: Angels World of Beads at the ENAW 2015 Convention, Los Angeles, California

Oba Market: Efe's Distinctive at the ENAW 2015 Convention Los Angeles, California

Oba Market at ENAW 2015 Convention

Oba Market: Angels World of Headties at the ENAW 2015 Convention, Los Angeles, California

Oba Market: Getting my gele tied.

Osayomore Joseph performing at the ENAW 2015 Convention, Los Angeles, California

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