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HPOTM: Congratulations To Star of The Month Chinwe Rajis of Lagos, Nigeria

It's a new month, the year is has almost ended and our star of the month of October is beautiful Chinwe Rajis of Lagos Nigeria. The former model hails from Imo State, Nigeria and in case you didn't know, she is "off the market!" Happily married to her 'Prince Charming,' they have been blessed with two cute little angel faces, a girl and a boy.

Born to a retired soldier and one of the best mothers in the world, sadly Chinwe mother passed way a couple of years ago. It was the saddest period of her life because she had a strong bond with her mother. This is the reason why she is also trying to build that same strong connection with her own children. As a full-time mum, she is currently nursing her little boy. "Family comes first. I have always wanted to be hundred percent available to my children. A mother's love is real comfort and the fuel that enables children to do the impossible," she said.

Five years from now, Chinwe sees herself as a successful business woman. Don't let the pretty face fool you! This woman can cook and she loves cooking different types of delicacies. In her home, you will never go hungry.

The picture below reflects Chinwe's true beauty through her soul. "A girl says her worth, but a woman acts her worth." Who would ever think this young lady is a mother of two? Our star of the month is one classy woman.....

Mrs Chinwe Rajis

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