HPOTM: Congratulations To Star of The Month Amina Karatu of Kebbi, Nigeria

Happy new moth people! It's a new month and our new star of the month is Amina Karatu!

The former fashion model turned business woman, is from Kebbi State, Nigeria. Amina has always had a special interest in fashion. Even while in Lagos State University, she noticed she couldn't take her mind off fashion. Her creativity and keen eye for exotic fashion designs earned her a part-time job in her mother's fashion house.

In 2001, Amina moved to the United States to study Fashion Design. As a hard-working young woman, she was able to get herself together in her new home, Los Angeles, California. As a student, she also worked as an associate designer / buyer for a couple of high profile fashion establishments before she finally settled at Cache - a clothing boutique in Beverly Center - where she was a manager for many years and was making good income.

While at Cache, she launched her own fashion house, Minachy in 2011 and always had a good crowd whenever she organized her annual fashion shows.

In 2014, Amina felt she had gained the education and experience she needed to pursue her own business. So, she quit her job at Cache, went solo and started touring the world buying and selling fashion/beauty products. That same year, she also decided to move back to her motherland, Nigeria for good.

Her expertise in fashion merchandising, made her realize that she was a shrewd business woman not only in fashion, but in anything relating to legal business.

In a recent interview with World Industry Leaders Blogspot, she talked about a new project she is working on. She told the editor, Mike Osagie: with the recent happenings in Nigeria give cause for concern. Businesses and government need to provide for public safety and asset protection. So, my recent interest is around access control and security surveillance and how we can protect individuals and assets in Nigeria. This will improve public safety and reduce crimes such as theft, kidnapping and at the same time, boost security personnel readiness to combat security threats in Nigeria. To be more specific, with the new business we integrate, design and deploy public safety and security technologies that protect people and property, efficiently, and effectively. Public safety and law enforcement applications include:

- License plate recognition (LPR)

- Access control

- Site monitoring

- Mobile solutions

- Facial recognition

How thoughtful? With the all the chaos going on in the country, Nigeria will definitely use some of Amina help.

Now about Amina's photos. She said, "this photo says I am relaxed, happy and thankful." You can tell from the top of her Fro to the tip of her Toes that she is one woman who follows her instinct and who always make the right decisions. It got her to where she is right now.

No pain, no gain.

Amina Karatu

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