'Sinkhole' At IHOP Mississippi Swallows A Dozen Cars

Over the weekend, in Meridian, Mississippi, a large 'sinkhole' opened in a new IHOP restuarant. According to authorties, the hole was estimated to be about 35-feet wide, 375-feet long and 30-feet deep. Swallowing over 20 vehicles that was parked in the parking lot.

The Fire Department came to the rescue as fast as they could and quickly barricaded the area.

Craig Hoffman, a spokesman for International House of Pancakes, told CNN the company is happy no one got hurt.

"The cause of the sinkhole is still under investigation, and our primary concern continues to be the safety of our guests and team members," Hoffman said. "The restaurant will remain closed until all necessary repairs have been completed."

Watch the CNN video below showing the disaster:

Sinkhole at a Mississipi IHOP

IHOP 'sinkhole' swallows one dozen cars

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