Two Women Stripped Naked For Theft

Nigeria: Two women accused of theft at Dutsen Alhaji Market in Abuja, Nigeria were stripped of their clothes and forced to take a walk of shame around the market.

The women who pretended to be interested customers at a wine store, allegedly tried to distract the store owner. While one of the women was negotiating the price with the owner, her accomplice dipped her hands into the cash drawer and removed N100,000.00 ($350.00). But, luck ran out on them when the owner noticed that the cash drawer was open and then he raised an alarm as the women were about exiting the store.

The women were searched, they found the money on them and the angry traders decided to teach them a life lesson by forcing them to strip 'butt naked."

According to an eyewitness, it was a shameful sight, as some men took advantage of the situation by slapping the women's buttocks and grabbing their breasts. It took the arrival of the police to create some sanity and save the battered women from further humiliation. They women were given clothes and whisked away by the cops.

This is horrible!!! Lawless country. They caught them already. Got their money back. They should have just called the cops on them.

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