Adele's Hello Covered In Nigerian Pidgin English By David Jones David

Wow! I have heard many different version of Adele's trending song "Hello" and of all them, I really liked that of American R&B singer, JEO. Now, there is a newer cover all the way from Nigeria by a guy named David Jones Davd. What's so cool about David's cover is that he tweaked it and sang it in Nigerian pidgin English.

You know Nigerian pidgin English sounds very funny like the Jamaican Patwa? So to sing such a beautiful love song in the language, makes the song even better. Adele's song has really touched my lives. My kids and nieces even have their own little versions. Lol! You go girl!!! Big love to you.

David Jones David Cover Hello

David Jones David

JOE Thomas cover Hello

The Queen B herself Adele

Adele - Hello (The original version)

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