Soldier Strips His Wife & Her Lover Naked

I received this story three days ago, did not post it until now, because I was waiting for more information from the sender to no avail.

Based on the information I have so far, a Soldier returned from the war front, only to find his wife and another man in his bed. Saddened by the wife's betrayal and the guts of her lover, the Soldier knew the marriage was over right away. As a Soldier, we know the aftermath is going to be CRAZY right?

The soldier felt the world needed to see what his eyes had just seen, so he decided to parade them nude exactly the way he found them in his bed.

I don't know what to say. This is an hopeless case, but thank God he did not pull out his rifle and shot them to death. He must have lost his mind at the revelation.

You can see the soldier picking something out of the gutter. I wonder what he was looking for? I hope to hear from the guy who sent me this story, so that I can update you all on where it happened and what went down after this scenario.

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