Awkward!!! Moschino Barbie's Targeting Little Boys

Barbie and Moschino have introduced a new commercial for their highly anticipated collector Moschino Barbie doll with it's exclusive eight-piece ready to wear Moschino collection.

What's so awkward about this advert is that it is targeting little boys. I mean, boys play with toy Cars, Spiderman, the Hulk, Ninja Turtles, Green Lantern, Batman; you name it. Why do little boys have to pay attention to barbies? I will never go to the store and buy my son a barbie. As a matter of fact, he would think I have lost my mind. Boys don't mind watching girls play with dolls, but they don't want those dolls for themselves. Whether barbie is wearing designers outfit or not, it's not enough for little boys to forgo boy toys and go for girl toys. Are you kidding me?

A line should be drawn when it comes to influencing the minds of our children on controversial issues. Children should be children and should never be used for our selfish interest. Let them grow and decide who they want to be. They also deserve that freedom of choice.

These days, you can't watch movies with your kids without having to explain why some scenes are 'inappropriate.' Those scenes just pop up from nowhere and then you have to quickly flip the channel. What is happening people?

I just thought the commercial was awkward.

See the video right here:

Moschino Barbie!

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