Top Model Removes 6 Ribs Just To Look Like Jessica Rabbit.

"My goal is to capture the exaggerated femininity of beautiful animated characters," said Pixee Fox, a 25-year-old model. The model has already spent a whooping $120,000 on cosmetic surgeries including a procedure to remove six of her ribs.

Below is her Before and Now photos.

Obviously, she has a breast implant too. To be exact, she has had four breast augmentations, four rhinoplasties, two liposuction procedures, one labioplasty, one brow left, a Brazillian butt lift, and a procedure to remove six of her ribs.

Originally from Sweden, Pixee who used to be an electrician moved to America in order to be around people who share who strongly believes in cosmetic surgeries and the novelty of looking like a cartoon ca

Watch the video below

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