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14 Year -Old-Girl Sees Herself For The First Time

This is an inspiring story about a Malawian teenager Rose, 14 who was born blind and was unable to go to school like her friends. For the first time, she was able to see herself after a corrective eye surgery.

Rose's sight was restored with help from charity Sightsavers. The organization paid for her to get the cataracts in her eyes removed.

All About vision defines cataract as a clouding of the eye's natural lens, which lies behind the iris and the pupil.

According to Unreported World, many children in Malawi are born with cataracts in their eyes. Sadly, the lack or little access to healthcare prevents them from getting thier sights treated.

In the UK, childhood cataract is detected early and treated.

Over 160,000 people in the country of Malawi have bad vision due to cataracts while more than 50,000 are blind because they cannot afford the surgery.

"Wow we're overwhelmed by the amazing response to Rose's story - and we love watching her see again! " said Sightsavers.

If you would to donate or learn more about the good samaritan organization called Sightsavers, here is their website:

The video made me cry. We spend so much money fighting and killing each other instead of investing those money on the needy. Many people like Rose only need one or two surgeries in order to see again, but they don't have the means and they remain blind. How sad.....

Watch Rose's inspiring video below:

14 year old girl in Malawi sees herself for the first time

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