Chris Rock Facing ‘Child Trafficking’ Charges Over South African Girl

American actor, comedian, voice artist and producer, Christopher Julius "Chris" Rock III is facing possible 'child trafficking' charges for raising Ntombi, a South African girl for seven years, without officially adopting her.

According to Dailymail, an elite unit from the South African police force is on a full-fledged criminal investigation against the actor. The litle girl has been living with Chris Rock and his enstrange wife, Malaak.

The detectives from the task force said, "It sounded like a strange case and it has been flagged up to us. We are awaiting more details from Home Affairs who are looking into how this came about. Whatever arrangement there was between the Rocks and the parents of the child, laws are in place to prevent parents from allowing their children to travel overseas indefinitely with third parties. It seems there has not been regular contact with the biological parents and if money changed hands, or even gifts in return for the child staying with other people overseas, it sounds very much like child trafficking."

Sadly, Ntombi's paperwork has her as a visitor in the U.S. and not as an adoptee.

We hope the case gets solved amicably. He has been a good father to the child. He probably didn't see any big deal adopting the child the officially, because of his relationship with whoever gave him the go ahead. We hope he has a chance to correct his wrongs and adopt the child in the lawful way.

Chris Rock

Little Ntombi (in the middle wearing a pink fur Jacket) with her adopted family

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