Coca-Cola Apologizes For Offensive Christmas Ad

Coco-Cola has been forced to pull down a christmas ad in which pretty young white teenagers brought the soft drink into a local town in Mexico. The indigenous rights’ groups have described the campaign as promoting colonialism rather than unity.

The “Open Your Heart” advertisement, was promoted on YouTube for about a week before being slammed on social media for discrimination and racism.

The Company said the ad was made to “convey a message of unity and joy.” Unfortunately, activists who wants the company to be sanctioned by the government's anti-discrimination commission, believe the christmas ad basically “reproduced and reinforced stereotypes of indigenous people as culturally and racially subordinate.”

“Our intention was never to be insensitive to or underestimate any indigenous group,” a Coca-Cola spokesperson said in a statement to food news site Eater. “We have now removed the video and apologize to anyone who may have been offended.”

My take on this issue is that Coca-Cola is spreading tooth decay to a nearby country. Lol!

Coca Cola Pulls Offensive Mexico Commercial Called Racist and Colonialism (Coke Ad)

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