Why Omario & Apryl Quit The Love & Hip Hop of Hollywood

Did you ever wonder why Omario and his baby mama, Apryl were not at that the Season 2 Reunion of the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood? Well, here's why.

At a recent interview with Essence, Aprly announced that she and Omario will not be returning for the show's season 3.

We are not surprised! Sometimes you wonder why the casts act crazy. They even go overboard, belittling themselves just to have a storyline and remain relevant on the show.

“We’ve never been worried about the ‘show curse’ because when we walked into Love & Hip Hop we were prepared for what they were going to put us in and they had a lot of respect for Omari and I. We knew we would be okay walking in and walking out.” April said.

According to Essence, being on the show helped revive Omario's singing career.The former lead singer of B2K had his first #1 song in years with “Post To Be” featuring Chris Brown and Jhene Aiko.

Aspiring artist, Apryl also benefitted from the show. At least we all know her now. Most of these artists have many women around them and you never know who they are seriously dating. While another season would have been beneficial for Apryl's career, filming with two infants and trying to maintain a dramatic storyline where none exist could be draining.

It seems like the two were fired though because Apryl gave a hint during the interview stating that: “In the second season they put me with a group of people, but I got along with everyone. I don’t like to gossip or be in other people’s problems. There wasn’t much that I was going to give even if I were to be put in those [dramatic] situations and [the producers] knew that.

“They had a lot of respect for me. They never wanted to put me in anything the first season ’cause I was obviously pregnant so I stayed out of the drama.” She added.

On why they were not at the reunion show, she said she and her son Mega were traveling on tour with Omarion and it would have been “too much” to make it to New York for the taping.

Hip hop artists may come on the Love & Hip Hop show and live as they please or get fired, but Mona Scott-Young isn’t ending the series anytime soon.

Omarion with son, Mega and Apryl

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