Barbie's New Diverse Look

Barbie a billion-dollar business is changing the look of the Dolls. Now toy maker Mattel stated that the normally blue-eyed blond bombshell is changing her look with varying body types and more ethnically diverse dolls. After 57 years, the company has released three body types: tall, curve and petite.

The company recent sales declined by 40 % as a result of competitors and criticism that the dolls where sending the wrong message about beauty to little girls who think they have to look like Barbie.

Last year, Mattel introduced 23 new dolls with different skin tones and hair colors. However, this new body types of the doll is changing that "out of touch" perception regarding the Barbie.

This is so exciting! Barbie lovers now have a broad range to choose from. Everybody should have a barbie that looks like them?

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