Nigerian Former Top Model Is Now a New Mom!!!

Nigerian former model Tinu Ola is a new mom! On January 12th, she give birth to her very first child - a Son. The New York based singer-songwriter, designer, photographer, publisher and philanthropist announced the good new via her website and on her Facebook page. Though, she did not talk about the baby's father, but she did post some beautiful pictures of her pregnant self and also one with her newborn baby.

Tinu has already opened a Facebook page for her son. You can check it out. the page is called Da Gold Chain. This woman is so excited right now.

Tinu and her newborn son

Here is what the happy mother wrote to debut her bundle of joy:

"I never thought in my wildest dreams that the word “mom” could be associated with me. For years I denied myself this ability to love another human being unconditionally. I put my career first and fought family members hard to get off my back about the idea of me having kids! Have you any idea what it’s like to grow up with an African mother? Whew! Signed, sealed, delivered! First off, let me sincerely apologize to my family and digital friends for keeping everyone in the dark these past 9 months! Yeap, I kept my pregnancy a secret, including my mom until the 8 mos and was able to do so due to my small belly actually. I basically became a hermit for the most part. I had to process & post these photos asap after a family member declared at the baby’s naming that perhaps I used a surrogate because he never saw me pregnant while I was with him shopping during the holidays! What can I say, hiding the small tummy in flowing caftans & heavy sweaters did the job with proper styling!

Call me superstitious but I have to admit that keeping it quiet enabled me to have a safe and peaceful pregnancy with absolutely no hint of nausea, morning sickness, not even a simple cold! As a first pregnancy, it was a total breeze and all I had to bitch about was acne prone face during the 1st trimester! I’ll settle for that over morning sickness any day! On January 12, I delivered a safe and healthy bouncing baby boy in NYC and have the almighty to thank for all his mercies. I literally watched the first day of the rest of my life filled with the sweetest beautiful boy placed in my arms. I still can’t believe I almost missed out on such joyous and hard to explain feeling of being a mother! My beloved and I are over the moon!!!

The pregnancy photos below were taken while I was 8 months along. No photoshop required besides color correction. Whew! What a ride!

Farther below are some of the maternity styles I adopted during my pregnancy.

More photos of my baby will be posted on my facebook & instagram page in the following weeks. Stay tuned "

We are so happy for her!!!

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