Pregnant Woman Stabbed to Death Over One Thousand Naira (Thirty Dollars)

Benin City, Nigeria: Tragedy struck in Benin over the weekend as a pregnant woman was allegedly stabbed to death by her neighbour over an argument of one thousand naira (thirty dollars) debt.

According to ITV, the neighbor had called the deceased to meet her up at her house to get her money. When the deceased got to her debtor's house, a scuffle occurred and neighbor stabbed the deceased -who was 6 months pregnant- on the chest. She was rushed to the hospital where she died from the bleeding.

The police is currently conducting a homicide investigation.

We live in a wicked world. Sometimes, it's better not to help people. It could be the worse mistake you ever made. This is so sad.

Pregnant woman allegedly stabbed to death by neighbor in Benin

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