CRAZY: Nigerians STING themselves with BEES!

Who knew bee stings could cure sickness and disease like stroke, back aches, piles etc? Yes, we're as shocked as you are...

While Odunayo Ote of BattaBox channel was interviewing the bee stinger man, on the street of Lagos, Nigeria, lots of people began to gathered to try out the magic bee injection - but it didn't seem like a pleasant experience.

It's amazing how people are quick to try anything they believe will improve their health.

"It is N50 per sting," says the bee stinger.

"Its like an Injection," replies one man in pain "I've tried it before, and it works," replies another man Would you try out this painful remedy for aches and sickness?

Watch the video:

CRAZY: Nigerians STING themselves with BEES!

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