HPOTM: Congratulations To Star of The Month Marcillina Obaseki-Tietjen of Bremerhaven, Germany

Hello March, we have big plans for you with our graceful star of the month is Marcillina Obaseki-Tietjen of Bremerhaven, Germany. Marcel as she is fondly called, incase you are wondering, she is off market!!! She happily married her German sweet heart with whom she lives with both in Nigeria and in Germany.

Marcillina Obaseki-Tie

She currently works for a multinational company as the Human Resources Manager for the Africa Region. In 1996, after the completion her undergraduate program, she founded Angel Faces, a modeling agency focused on encouraging creativity in children. As a huge lover of education, Marcillina’s modeling agency also serves as a means for children to understand the importance of hard work as the best way to success. These kids earn reasonable amount of money from Fashion Shows, Prints, TV commercials and Radio commercial voice-overs, which in turn enables them have savings. The modeling contract ensures that the parent keeps a significant percentage of models earning in a fixed account which can only accessed when they turn 16.

Marcel who holds a Masters Degree in International Management from the University of Liverpool, when asked what inspires her, this is what she had to say: “I am inspired by several things; my mother, whom, despite growing up at a time when women were prohibited from going to school, succeeded in acquiring education and running a successful business all by herself. She encouraged my siblings and I to dream big, irrespective of gender. I am also inspired by people who make great efforts to improve their lives and positively affect their community.”

As a wife and career woman, she admires her mother of course, Ellen DeGeneres, Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey. She also admires NGOs such as Girl Hub – a NIKE Foundation - that helps empower the girl child to become the heartbeat of societies.

Her career plans five years from now is to be able to achieve greater success and contribute more to her community. How thoughtful is that? She also loves watching movies, reading inspiring novels, eating healthy and exercises regularly to keep her body and mind together.

Marcillina’s photo of the month radiates that distinctive beauty and confidence of a successful woman. Relaxing on a beautiful Saturday morning, with her locks swept sideways with a turquoise scarf that blends well with her beautiful skin and hot pink lipstick. A look so simple yet very elegant.

Marcel’s charm, poise and good deportment makes her one of the most down to earth people around us.

Keep up the good work Marcillina. We are proud of you!!!

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