Katt Williams Fights with a 7th Grader

Early this morning a video surfaced on the Internet showing comedian Katt Williams in a physical fight with a teenager after playing soccer with a group of teens. Katt, 42, who just got out of jail not too long ago, lost his temper after being disrespected and even tapped on the chest by the 7th grader.

Now everyone is against Katt Williams because he reacted the wrong way. Yes, he should never have punched the boy; but if you take a good look at the video, that little boy was very rude and was up in Katt's personal space. They got into an altercation and Katt constantly told them that he just got out of jail. You can hear people mocking him in the background as if he was scared of the teen. He even told the boy to backup. Maybe this kid knew Katt already had some run-ins with the law, so he took advantage of it and tempted Katt to react with anger.

This is so sad. Kids these days don't have respect for people old enough to be their parents. They don't even respect the police. What is wrong with these kids. I guess this kid felt he could tackle Katt because he thought he had that height advantage.

Katt Williams

That fight punch from Katt was like a reflex because he lost it - for a minute - and then realized that the boy was just a stupid kid. You can see he deliberately refused to fight back instead he allowed the little boy to put him in a chokehold.

This is one of the reasons why there's a high rate of gun violence and meaningless deaths among young black kids. Black kids get shot almost everyday. Tell me, is that boy the only kid there? How come he was the only one trying to bully Katt Williams? Charity begins at home. Parents should teach their children to be respectful.

That kid was wrong as hell! I just wished Katt walked away. Now they gat something on him again. Crazy world.

Watch the video.

Katt Williams fights a Teenager {FULL VIDEO} What you haven't seen! (Full Video)

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