D. Smith Opens Up About Transition From Male To Female

"I am no longer hiding" says D. Smith the new cast of Love of Hip Hop Atlanta. Last week on the reality show, Smith opened up that she was a transgender female, who is still transitioning from male to female.

A couple of weeks ago, she also took to Instagram to explain her journey, why she decided to take it, and just how more bitchy she is now. Not for nothing, she’s not looking for approval, she’s just letting y’all know!

Smith before and after photos

“A lot of people loved the person on the left but, this person was put together with bits and pieces of what society wanted. This person was so far gone in satisfying everyone else, that one started to loose touch with one’s true authentic self. That person use to be me! I’ve judged people for being who they were. I was angry and insecure. I dated beautiful girls. When I say beautiful, I mean BEAUTIFUL girls that I cheated on with men because I couldn’t fight my deep feelings for them. Afraid of loosing or disappointing my family and friends, I lived a terrible lie. I’ve hurt so many people because of this. My career. OMG my career! 🙊 The church, going to the gym, selling music, the money and most importantly, my life. I could loose it all. To be honest, I’m ashamed of the person I use to be. To think, I’m not the only one with this story… Hello, I am D. Smith. That sexy, fearless and last but not least, genius 😉 woman on the right is me! I am officially 1year and 6 months into my transition. With that being said, for the first time in my life I am honest. Not only to myself, but to the world around me. I have nothing to hide, which leaves me no choice but to live free. Now I don’t have to worry about hiding in the shadows of a lie and feeling that horrible feeling when I hurt someone that I truly care about. This message isn’t an attempt for acceptance and to be quite frank with you MF’s, I don’t give a fuck! Lol. I wrote this because I am no longer hiding! I am a PROUD Trans Woman!!!!!💃🏽 #transisbeautiful #love #me #trans #new #beforeandafter #2016 #God #blessed #pride #girlslikeus #fashion #lgbt #power #all #beautifulpeople #us #now #fashion #face #music #happy #finally”’

D. Smith recent photo from Love of Hip Hop of Atlanta

Strongly influenced by top stars such as Michael Jackson, Prince, Tina Turner, Grace Jones, Queen, Madonna, and David Bowie, Smith hopes to set an iconic precedent for where music is going next.

Check out her music video title I'm That Bitch.

D. Smith - I'm That Bitch

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