Brazil: Thieves Rob Tourists in Broad Daylight

The rate of robbery in Brazil has gotten out of hand. Before now, this extremely large country was one of the World's most visited countries. Tourists are attracted by the country's beautiful natural scenery such as the full towering waterfalls, the infamous Amazon River, the world’s largest and diverse wetland and other natural wonders. From the incredible white sand dunes connected by brilliant blue lagoons to the enchanted sunken pools that are full of startlingly clear waters; there is no shortage of breathtaking beautiful things to see.

However, the video below is quite disturbing because it would make you wonder if there is a dedicate team of police in Brazil.

The mind of these boys and girls is so messed up, they don't care what time of the day it is. Like hungry wolves, they can easily identify tourists from miles and then rob them in broad daylight. The saddest thing about this nagging issue is that 99% of the people at the scene of the crime do nothing. It's looks like something that the people have come to accept.

At beaches, on the road, in front of grocery stores, these young thieves come in groups (gangs) with a sole mission: to attack tourists and steal from them.

Do these kids have parents? How are they raising them? Do they even go to school? What is the government doing to combat robbery?

If you ever hope to visit Brazil in the near future, you might want to think twice about it or at least be prepared. Learn some robbery prevention strategies that can prevent you from becoming a victim.

In a nutshell, be very careful out there.

Young Thieves of Brazil

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