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This Chinese Laundry Detergent Ad Will Leave You Dumbfounded

A laundry detergent ad in China shows a Chinese woman throwing a black man into a washing machine, and transforming him into a Chinese man. The commercial has caused outrage online and has been making rounds on social media.

In the commercial for Qiaobi laundry detergent, an Asian woman shoves a detergent pod into the mouth of a black worker (painter) and forced him headfirst into a washing machine. After a quick cycle, the machine is opened and a pale Asian man emerges with a wink, to the woman’s delight.

The advertisement has been airing in China since April and has been described as the most racist ad ever.


Racist Chinese Laundry Detergent Ad Qiaobi (俏比) ad

Chinese beauty standard values lighter skin and they strongly promote bleaching products. This is just too bad...... They literally washed the black away? Whose idea was this? In this era? Why did the black dude even accept such an offer? The most racist commercial ever!!!

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