HPOTM: Congratulations To Star of The Month Steph Sidonjeje of The U.K.

Goodbye May and welcome June!!! We have a new star of the month! All the way from the United Kingdom, Steph EOM also known as Steph Sidonjeje is one lady you need to read about. This classy woman who leads a quiet life and currently residing in the british countryside with her family, is of Nigerian origin.

Steph holds a Law Degree from a University in the United Kingdom. Her excellent performance at the school, earned her an Award for the Best Dissertation in Law. As a strong believer that "Education is the only weapon to change the world," she is always hungry for education. She also studied Color Psychology 'color effects' in London and dabbles into courses at the Oxford University.

For those of you who don't know much about Steph Sidonjeje, her signature is her poise and the confidence she exudes. She is a traveller and explorer at heart, a culture lover and foodie. This sound Lawyer also fondly described as an idea buff - she enjoys the initiation, execution and implementation processes of various ideas. She is an avid observer with a great eye for detail. A private brand strategist and also the founder and CEO of two businesses: A lifestyle Business called EKA and Viebenie a Fashion brand for children. Other things she loves includes: music, dance, discovering and exploring new things from gadgets, nature, foods to different cultures.

When asked about her expectations from the future, she replied "I love exploring and discovering. I derive a buzz from knowledge. I hope my future will be full of learning new things, opening new doors for more positive opportunities. Business aside, I hope to spend more time with my family, specially my grand parents and engage more in charity work."

Steph Sidonjeje

One of Steph's strongest attributes is her strong personality. As a Lawyer and business woman, what do you expect? It works very well for her professionally. Don't let her personality intimidate you though because she is as humble as a dove. Always energetic, positive and a people person, her presence is easily felt wherever she goes and she is well-liked by those around her. Always calm, cool and collected, there is no time for nonsense with this woman.

Her sense of style is mind-blowing. She knows how to make her outfits compliment her natural surroundings. Like in the photo above, she chose to wear a white long shirt dress instead of black that tends to absorb heat. With white at the beach or on a boat ride, you can never go wrong. White is beautiful, it blends well with her complexion, her hair, with the sea and the entire breezy atmosphere.

Sidonjeje speaks the following English, Ika, Yoruba (not very fluently), Greek and German language.

We wish you and your entire family all the best in your endeavors, Steph! Thanks for being our Star for this month of June.

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