Music: Kent Jones - Dont Mind (Hola! Kamusta)

Hola Kamusta!!! Don't y'all just love this summer jam? Kent Jones you killed this beat man! Even kids in elementary schools are all singing this song and going crazy. I didn't know my kids knew the song too. They can't see this particular video though because it's the explicit version. So infectious anyone would love the song. It's so catchy and fun too! Though every woman can identify with the song, but I love the fact that he emphasized on African woman. A different flavor right?

Jones is an American hip hop recording artist, songwriter and record producer from Miami, Florida.​

"Hola Kamusta" (Como Estas) simply means Hello, how are you? in English and you respond back saying "Mabuti" meaning good or fine. You have just learned something new like I just did today. Lol!

I'm definitely blowing this jam on my vacation this summer. Wink*

Kent Jones - Dont Mind (EXPLICIT)

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