Orlando Mass Killer's Father Speaks Out

Seddique Mateen the father of Omar Mateen who went on a shooting rampage at Orlando gay nightclub (Pulse) in the early hours of Sunday morning, has come forward to talk about his son after reports from the Police that his son pledged allegiance to ISIS. The mass shooting has led to the death of 49 people with 53 critically injured.

According to reports, Omar 29, had visited the club several times before the attack. CNN reports that he had also visited Disney hours before the shooting. We don't know if he visited Disney with his son as a farewell visit or if he was contemplating to carry out his evil plot there.

Seddique said he last saw his son a day before the Orlando nightclub shooting and that he looked normal but he had no clue his son had such dark thoughts in his head. He vehemently agreed his son committed an act of terror and said"I don't know why he did it."

Watch the exclusive interview by abc News.

Orlando Shooter's Father Speaks out About Son's Possible Isis Ties

Omar Mateen Orlando Gay Nightclub Shooter

Raw Cell Phone Footage Inside Pulse Nightclub

It was the terrifying moment when gunman Omar opened fire inside the Florida gay club. It was captured on one of the victim's Snapchat video - minutes before she too was shot dead. Her name was Amanda Alvear.

This senseless rage and attack on innocent people party people has been described as the deadliest mass shooting in the U.S. history. Whether gay or straight, nobody deserves to be killed. These people were happy and they went out that night to celebrate, not knowing that it was going to be their last happy moment. There is freedom of choice and if you don't like the lifestyle of some people around you, simply mind your business and focus on you and what you believe. It's okay to have an opinion but taking the lives of those whose opinions you disagree with, is selfish, cruel, evil, scary and meaningless.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of the victims including Christina Grimmie - a finalist on NBC's The Voice - who got shot to death on Friday night by a crazy stalker/fan Kevin James Loibl, 27, while signing autographs after her her concert in Orlando, Florida.

RIP Christina Grimmie

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