HPOTM: Congratulations To Star of The Month Thelma Gutierrez of Los Angeles

Thelma Don Gutierrez is a mother of 3, who lives in Los Angeles, California.

She has been described as a News Gypsy, because over a 25 year-long career, she has worked for PBS, ABC, NBC and CBS affiliates, often moving every two years. The last 12 years were spent as a Correspondent for CNN, based in Los Angeles.

Thelma Don Gutierrez

During her time as a journalist, she traveled extensively throughout the US, Mexico, Central America and Canada covering breaking news, the military and social justice issues. Oftentimes, the call from CNN would come at a moment’s notice and she’d have to rush to the airport to travel for a story. She kept a passport in her purse and a bag packed, “just in case.” It wasn’t easy to balance a busy career and a family, but she credits her husband, Bahram, a Microsoft IT Architect for his support. She says, “I couldn’t have done it without him. Most of the time I didn’t know when I was coming home, but he was always supportive.”

Thelma has met many interesting people along the way including, NFL star, Nnamdi Asomugha, legendary musician, Ringo Starr, former Laker, Metta World Peace, and Barak Obama. She says when she interviewed Obama as a young Senator, she knew he would become President! However, the people who inspired her the most were everyday people struggling to get by, those who have been exploited and marginalized by society. Thelma believes everyone deserves a voice, and has won journalism awards for stories on human trafficking, immigration and science and medicine.

She retired from CNN three years ago to spend more time with her children, and to work on her “bucket list,” which includes documentary work. She’s currently pursuing a graduate degree in Social Entrepreneurship and Change from Pepperdine University and she’s helping NGO’s with content creation and messaging.

Most recently, Thelma has traveled to Vietnam with Project Vietnam to follow the work of U.S. doctors, and she is currently in Thailand documenting the work of the Thai CDC who work with victims of human trafficking. ​When she returns, it’s back to being a mom! Until the next assignment…

When asked for a personal photo, she asked us to choose from a couple of photos because she didn't really know if we wanted a professional shot or an everyday kind of feel. So, we chose this particular headshot - above- which captures her true personality and her beautiful facial structures. When you are beautiful on the inside, that beauty is all people see and feel. Thelma's style of fashion is always simple and sophisticated.

She is Chinese and Mexican and she speaks spanish fluently.

Thelma and her family in Kauai, Hawaii 2016

We are very proud of you Thelma. Keep up the good work!

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