Ghanian Bishop Whips Teenagers with Belt for Sleeping Around

Ghanian Bishop Daniel Obinim whips teenage members for engaging in sex. Obinim's style of worshipping God is quit different from every respectable man of God. He is know to stand, sit, walk over his members during healing service. He is very aggressive. Yet, his church is increasingly booming.

Bishop Obinim Whips Church Members for being Pregnant

Who do we blame for this? The parents of course, who give fake leaders authority over their children.

Why would a man of God use belt on anybody? What right? Even if the teenagers did wrong, there are better ways to change behavior. The worst part is that it was all carried out during the church service. The little girl tried to runaway by hiding behind the Bishop's wife, but, that ignorant usher or whatever position he holds in the church grabbed her back and the whipping continued.

Can someone please sue this guy and his workers?

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