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HPOTM: Congratulations To Star of The Month Lara Jinadu of New York

September days are here and of course we have a new star of the month. Guess who? It's our Lara Jinadu all the way from New York, The City of Dreams.

Jinadu is a Nigerian American and the CEO of Diffuxion Global Resources Ltd (DGR). She works very hard but that does not stop her from making some time out to pleasure. She always says "in anything you do, there should be an element of fun in it." Thus, the company’s motto “Fun is our motto”.

She has been far and wide from education, to social events / fashion and beauty/entertainment. She is the Chief strategist for the African Development Institute - a think tank organization based in New York which aims at improving African’s image abroad.

She is also a graduate student and coordinator of mentoring programs at The City University of New York, CSI. Her policy advocacy interests includes Gender equality and the empowerment of women; resources for students with special educational needs; and the institutionalization of pan-Africanism. Simply put, she loves organizing both Education seminars/conferences and Social events.

Her past work experience in the United States, Nigeria and South Africa includes co-planned events such as weddings, birthday celebrations, graduation ceremonies, trips, as well as seminars.

Recently, she was the chair person at the Harvard club, where "Contending issues in Contemporary Africa” was discussed by notable panels.

See photo:

Lara Janidu speaking at the Harvard club, on "Contending issues in Contemporary Africa”

Then the most recent one, a co-planned vacation trip to Las Vegas with a group of stunning ladies, which started last year during an inclusive 50th birthday celebration.

Back in Lara's College years in Nigeria, she used to be one of the most sort after high fashion models. Her success in the industry opened many doors for her to choose from. Now a wife and wise mother, she chose to remain in that noble path while contributing positively to the society.

We selected the photo below because it is simply Lara aka Lara Croft -as fondly called by closed friends. No matter how busy or difficult the day is, the soft spoken beauty never fail to impress us with her elegance.

Keep doing what you do Lara! We are with you all the way!!!!

Lara Jinadu: Mon's Pick star of the month

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