Success Story of a young Senegalese Teenager after years of being bullied

New York based Senegalese beauty Khoudia Diop is the newest black model who has taking Instagram by storm. She just started modeling 2 years ago and in recent weeks she has as many as 220,000 followers. Suddenly, she is now the new face everybody wants to see because of her stunning beauty and dark complexion.

Though she always saw herself as beautiful until she became a victim of racist bully. She told Dailymail, "I was teased a lot growing up, because of my skin tone. By other kids, and now even online sometimes, people will make comments."

"Growing up, I faced it by confronting the bullies. As I grew, I learned to love myself more every day, and not pay attention to the negative people, which helped a lot."

People called her all sorts of names like 'Darky' and 'Daughter of the night.' It was so agonizing, she had to fight back by confronting her bullies. An action that only worsen the situation. She noticed that paying attention and reacting to those mean-spirited people only enabled them to do more harm. So, she decided to be the bigger person by simply ignoring them and loving herself even more.

The 19-year-old went on to nickname herself "Melanin Goddess' to acknowledge her skin color and to encourage other people - in her shoes - to be confident in themselves. She wants to inspire the world with her strikingly outward appearance and inner strengths. She knew all along there was something special about her that caught the attention of those bullies but instead they chose to respond in the worse negative way.

"The message I have for my sisters is that how you look doesn't matter as long as you feel beautiful inside," she said.

She added, "I want to inspire other young women of color and empower them. I want them to know that they can do and be anything they dream of."

Her management, The Colored Girl Inc, said she has shot to Instagram fame in just a few weeks.

They said recently on Instagram: 'When we "discovered" Khoudia she had less than 100 followers and maybe 10 post in total. '

She's a rare beauty that we had to have in our campaign. In less than a month she now has almost 100k followers.'

Khoudia Diop

Khoudia Diop

Khoudia Diop

Khoudia Diop

Khoudia Diop

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