Why Turkey for Thanksgiving Dinner?

Ever wondered why we use Turkey is celebrate Thanksgiving? Sometimes you ask yourself why does everyone make Turkey on Thanksgiving? The bird and the holiday has also been nicknamed "Turkey day." If you ever had these questions on your mind, well, check this out.

Why Turkey for Thanksgiving Dinner

In 1621, the very first Thanksgivning was documented. When the pilgrims and the natives sat together to enjoy an especially good harvest together in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Given the setting—fall in Massachusetts—and the timing—1621—the dinner was limited to things you could grow or hunt in New England at that time—and yes, turkey was one of them. According to accounts by Plymouth governor William Bradford, that first feast included waterfowl (think: ducks), fish, and of course, plenty of turkeys.

The annual celebration continued but with technology and time, modern Thanksgiving menu changed a bit. Though we have added stuffs like: green bean casserole and cranberry sauce, however, entrees like fish and duck fell out of favor, leaving turkey to be the go-to dish in just about every household.

So Turkey has remained the number item for Thanksgiving dinner and it has come to stay. Probably because not everyone wants to eat the bird everyday because of its dry texture. Even with turkey sauce, nobody really has time to dip the bird in its sauce all the time.

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!

Credits: Countryliving.com

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