Congratulations to star of the month Dorcas Uwague

Happy New Month everyone. February is the month of Love when we celebrate Valentine's Day with those close to our heart. So, as we go through this month, we would like to celebrate Dorcas Uwague of Benin City, Nigeria as our February star of the month.

Dorcas Uwague is a Gosple artist from Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. She works under a fast record label called Efoski Entertainment. Coming from a strict family background where education is key to everything you put your heart to, Uwague takes her takes pride in her education. She is a student of The University of Benin (UNIBEN) where she studies Political Science/Public Administration.

Dorcas Uwague: Mon's Pick star of the month of February 2017

This current winner of the Dominion City Music awards 2016, is the third child of four children. Besides ensuring that her grades are excellent at school, she devotes most of her time singing, writing, reading, dancing and of course cleaning around the house. In order to attain success, she believes the first thing to do is to fall in love with your work. "I see myself big beyond my imagination. I see myself being a global star and an ambassador to so many brands. I see myself known and taken as a role model all over the world," she said. She works very hard, not thinking anything good can come easily. A mindset that keeps her humble and not distracted. She doesn't expect too much from people either. You have to help yourself first and then you might just receive favor from both God and man.

Dorcas Uwague: Mon's Pick star of the month of February 2017

She told us "Life is beautiful regardless of it's ups and downs. Beauty to me is not only something pleasant, excellent, spotless and gorgeous but also believing in God and fulfilling his purpose on earth. To me, no beauty supercedes these things."

On what would be her advice to the world on perseverance? She responded "Whatever you set out to do, see it, know it, and believe it. Hold on in times of challenges, victory is certain at the end."

This is one smart young woman who already knows what her mission and is working on bringing them alive. We love how she looks happy in her semi-formal photo. Nice blasers, sky blue jeans and stylish (colorful) glasses. You can tell she has her head over her shoulders.

Uwague speaks both Edo language and the English language. To learn more about this hot damsel, check out her new single Chai! Love

Dorcas: Chai! Love

You Rock Girl!

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