Federal Judge temporarily stops President Trump's Travel Ban

A US judge in Seattle has impose a temporary nationwide stop on President Trump's travel ban that has caused not only chaos but confusion in the past couple of days.

People protest President Trump's travel ban

President Trump signed his travel ban last Friday restricting citizens of 7 Muslim-majority countries (Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia) from entering the United State for 120 days. The reason being to tighten the security of the country from terrorists.

People protest President Trump's travel ban

CNN's avaition correspondent René March reported that an airline official told her that at the 9 o'clock hour, there was a conference call between CBP and all the US airlines in which CBP confirmed that things were going "back to business as usual prior to the executive order." Also CBP said they are in the process of reinstating those visas. An airline official went as far as stating that they are starting to remove those travel alerts from their website and they are starting to reach out to those customers to let them know about this change.

Team Trump evidently never ran the order by officials at the Justice Department. Homeland Security officials weren't given adequate guidance on how the order would be executed. Thus the confusion and chaos.

The ban has been described by milions of people including former President Obama as thoughtless and against the American values. A situation where Green card holders and visa holders were suddenly being treated the equally. Families have been separated while many who had serious medical issues and were supposed to come into the country for treatment/surgeries missed their appointments.

People protest President Trump's travel ban

Gradually, things are normalizing again. This is a huge development! Hopefully the country will enjoy some peace for now.

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