Meet Rev.FICO The Talented Gospel Singer

Nigerian born Reverend Fidelis Immanuel Chinedu Omeaku - who goes by the stage name Rev.FICO - is an American Gospel artist based in Los Angeles, California.

On May 31st, 2008, Rev.FICO a Catholic Christian decided to dedicated his life to serve God and his people in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, California, as a Roman Catholic priest. He is currently serving at St. Mary Magdalen's Parish in Camarillo, California. His priestly ministry is an avenue he uses to carry out God's purpose. He sees himself as an Instrument of God with the sole mission to spread His Gospel of Love to all - especially the youth.

Blessed with the gift of singing, he chose to use music as his medium to positively influence the lives of the people (christians and even non-christians) regardless of the their age, race or ethnic background.

Reverend Fidelis Immanuel Chinedu Omeaku aka REV. FICO

Rev. FICOʼs passion for music started at an early part of his life but, kicked off while he was in seminary high school choir through his days in seminary college.

In November 2013, while under another record label, he released new single titled I NEED A SAVIOR/ PSALM 51. After cutting ties with the label, the music video was released around the month of October, 2016. This powerful piece will resonate with anyone who knows what life is really all about .

See video:

Rev.FICO ft. Ace Boogie - I NEED A SAVIOR / PSALM 51

The success of Rev.FICO is a result of hard work and his faith in God. “The essence of spirituality is to help one another attain perfection in God, overcome our temptations, sins and evil. Strive to be true and better disciples of Jesus Christ in thought, word and deed,” he wrote on his website.

Reverend Fidelis Immanuel Chinedu Omeaku aka REV. FICO

On how he perceives the world, he wrote:

" I see the world as empty, barren and arid without God especially with the lack of love in our world today and I strongly believe that life is worthless without Him, because if not for Him then who are we? Being made in Godʼs image and likeness entails we share His love for us with all. It is for this reason that I said ʻYESʼ to God to serve as His priest in the Roman Catholic Church, to share His love with His people in the world through the Catholic Church. Having been born and raised as a God-fearing catholic by my parents, late Sir R.C. Omeaku and Lady B.N. Omeaku. I could not imagine life without God or even thinking about anything without God being first. But it still baffles me that even in my unworthiness and sin, God keeps on showering me with His love, blessings, graces and mercies and I still do not know the best way to reciprocate this love."

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