Congratulations To Star of The Month Sandra Rodgers

Hello everyone! It's March meaning Spring is around the corner! To keep us in that right frame of mind as we discover new things, we decided to choose someone who is well informed about wellness, who is passionate about it and who has a vibrant personality - that would sweep us off our feet - to be our star of the month.

Without further delay, she is Sandra Rodgers. A renowed Wellness Coach who continuously seeks knowledge about Natural Solutions (Essential Oils) that support health.

To introduce herself, she said "I was born in Los Angeles, California. My parents were both born and raised in Louisiana. Having experienced racism in the South they decided to move to California to provide a better life for their children. I grew up in Compton, California where I learned how to sew early in life and the skills I developed provided a foundation later in my future for a custom hat and jewelry design business. My passion was to ensure every customer that purchased one of our products left with a smile."

Sandra Rodgers: Wellness Coach

The power of essential oils is amazing - little wonder Rodger's skin glows. Knowing how beneficial these oils are, she is on a mission to empower others to use and learn more about the many benefits of essential oils for the entire family - from infants to adults.

In order for us to better understand the benefits of essential oils, the mother of five narrates her story:

Why should we learn more about Essential Oils?

Let me share a short story about how essential oils impacted my life as a child. When I was 3 years old my mother was cooking coffee in a percolator on the stove. This was a pre-coffee machine pot. The percolator had a glass center piece that exposed the coffee as it began to boil and I wanted an up close and personal look so I stood on my toes grabbed the percolator by the handle and it spilled over on my left arm and hand. I screamed in agonizing pain. As my Mother and Father rushed into the kitchen and saw the skin burn/blister eruptions they immediately rushed me to the hospital.

After the doctors examined my arm and hand they recommended a skin graft for the best healing procedure. However, my mother opted out of that choice and decided to take charge of my healing at home. She chose essential oils as an alternative solution for healing. Being an avid gardener, she grew a large bushel of Lavender that she maintained daily in her garden. She prepared the Lavender plant by steaming and extracting the oils from the plant and applied to my wound several times daily. Amazing, we started seeing improvement. My mum was excited about the healing taking place that she told everyone about the healing aspects of the Lavender Oil. Today, my scars are barely visible to the eye. A story that has been repeated throughout my life to family and friends.

When I was introduced to doTERRA essential oils I was very open to learning about their therapeutic value because I remember what Lavender essential oil had done for me. I learned that I could use a diffuser to provide aromatherapy throughout my home, uplift the mood and joy while heightening focus and senses. A large component of my use is cooking with essential oils because doTERRA essential oils are safe to consume internally. We now have many recipes we can share.

Here is a video testimony of one of my colleagues that used doTERRA essential oils to support her nervous system.

Nicole 60 sec Testimony

As you can now see, essential oils are very powerful and can be used for many things!

My mission is to make a global impact by sharing the benefits of essential oils. I invite you to join our next Learning About Essential Oils monthly Facebook Class entitled, Cleansing and Detoxing The Body Using Essential Oils from March 20th through 24th. Every month we share different topics about essential oils that includes daily educational posts and videos that you may review at your leisure and multiple opportunities to win prizes!

Sandra's and her team are breaking grounds and even extending their support to countries outside the United States. The doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation has partnered with the Asante Foundation and a Cō-Impact Sourcing partner in providing a Kenya community with clean water and educational opportunities.

The Los Angeles born beauty defines beauty as something that starts from within by being your best and it manifest through a smile. Now that's beauty!!! She lives her life everyday with the feeling of achievement BEFORE it even happens!

To learn more about the incredible work Sandra Rodgers and her colleagues are doing, feel free to join their Facebook Group Learning About Essential Oils. They welcome the opportunity to share the knowledge of these Gifts From The Earth with you.

Look for more articles and stories in upcoming blog posts here too.

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