Graphic: Son Murders His Mother in Cold Blood

On Friday, March 10th on Adeleye Aparadija Itele Ota Road in Ogun State, Nigeria, the people were devastated by the horrific manner a man killed his mother.

Crowd gathers outside the crime scene (Food vendor store of the deceased)

According to Awoniyi Isaac O who posted the story on his Facebook account, the alleged killer who was believed to be mentally ill, told the angry crowd that he did what he had to do because he "was being victimized by the country."

He complained about losing jobs simply because people thought he was sufferring from mental illness. Having no source of income, he had to move in with his aged mother. He also stated that when people called him a mad man, that a good mother should not support such people. He said his mum was verbally abusive and he was sick of all the nonsense.

He added that the last straw was when he discovered that his mother had signed some document confirming his lack of capacity. An accusation he felt was a defamation of his character and which he had reported to the State's IG.

On the very day he murdered his mum, he said on two different occasions he had asked his mum to tell her maids to wash his clothes but that his mother turned his request down. This attitude of his mother towards him and everything he was going through, he said made him kill his mother.

The photos you are about to see are very graphic, viewers discretion is advised!

The son is currently in police custody at Itele Police Post while the mother's copse has been deposited at a mortuary.

Is this a pure act of wickness or the result of mental disorder?

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