Jennifer Lopez New Beau Is Hot!

Jennifer Lopez has decided to step things up by dating a much older guy Alex Rodriguez. The two have been spotted together holding hands with J.Lo walking behind him.

Rodriguez, 41 and Lopez, 47 have known each other for several years but they never knew they would become an item some day. The two have been dating for a couple of months now but decided to keep it private until now.

On Monday, while on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Lopez talked about how they met. "I was having lunch somewhere and I saw him and he passed by," Lopez said. "Afterward, I went outside. For some reason, I just felt like tapping him on the shoulder and saying hi." She also called him a "good guy" and a "gentleman."

With Ellen you never know what's coming, as usual, she had to take advantage of the moment by asking the singer if she and her new beau had a "sleepover" on the first date. Surprised J.Lo responded "No! Mama don't sleepover on the first date!"

How J.Lo Met A-Rod

The Baseball star is equally smitten as J.Lo. He believes J.Lo is "one of the smartest human beings" and an "incredible mother."

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