Congratulations To Star Of The Month Mary Jane Okiya!

May we have been waiting for you! Happy new month everyone! May you be full in spirit as this month of May, and as gorgeous as the sun in Mid-Summer!

Our gorgeous home girl Mary Jane Okiya of Woodland Hills, California is our May star of the month! For those of you living in California, Mary Okiya is a household name because of her ownership of one of most popular African stores in the Valley. She is one of those people who make it possible for Africans - most especially Nigerians - to have access to their homemade food products. Why miss home when you can find almost everything you were raised with back in Africa at Mary's store? Interestingly, this store has a mixture of both the African and Carribean type of food. So, Africans are not the only loyal customers you will come across. Best of all, Mary has a good stock of products and nice friendly staff to attend to all your needs.

Mary Jane Okiya

Besides owning the groceries store, this amazing wife and mother of four adorable children is multi-talented. She makes jewelry, provides hair and makeup services and also designs trendy African styles. Don't be surprised if you go to Mary's store to buy groceries and then end up buying a dinner dress or African fabrics as well. It happens all the time. Lol!

After working very hard to establish herself in the United States, not too long ago, the Delta State born business woman created a YouTube channel which is uses to reach out to both single and married women. Her message is simply to help women "get more involved in their homes by multitasking in ways that provides a balance. This way, nothing is lacking, causing a distraction or posing as a setback. Life could be difficult and if you don't know how to joggle your daily activities, you will end up 'crashing' at the long run."

Mary's creative ideas is seen in the beauty of her work - jewelry, fashion design, hair and makeup. She said "In everything I do, I put God first because He is the Master Planner of my life. The greatest of time of every mother is the one she spends with her child. So, being around my kids means everything to me. It's the best feeling ever!"

When asked where she sees herself five years from now, she replied "Five years from now, I can't really say but I keep learning every day and improving myself. However, I believe in the saying 'one step at a time'. I wish for good health, a sound mind and for the good Lord to direct my path. He never fails."

Well said Mary! Keep doing what you do. We love it!

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