OMG! Rwanda's Presidential Aspirant Nude Photos Leak

Just two days (Wednesday) after Diane Rwigara the daughter of former tycoon (Assinapol Rwigara) announced her interest to run for presidency in Rwanda, her nude photos leaks.

The internet world on Friday was trending with two nude images of the presidential aspirants. The photos which are currently making rounds on several WhatsApp groups in Uganda and Africa at large, shows Ms. Rwigara completely naked and relaxed.

According to reports, this was a move by the Rwandan strongman, President Paul Kagame who Rwigara aspires to unseat in the August election.

Rwigara plans to run as an independent candidate and in hermanifesto, she plans to eradicate poverty, champion free speech, and provide health insurance for all Rwandans.

She also expressed the fact that potential candidates are scared to compete against the Ruling Party but that someone has to be brave enough for there to be change.

Ms. Rwigara believes her father's sudden "death was an assassination, but police rejected her allegations and say the cause was a road accident."

Her father's death in 2015 she said, was “one reason” that has motivated her to run for President.

Nobody knows if this was a political action to humiliate and discourage Diane or if it's just the devilish action of a jilted lover.

Politics will always remain a "dirty game." We hope this shameless move does not affect her decision to rule her country.

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