Breaking: Stephanie Otobo's Friends Betrays Her Trust

A few months ago, the internet was all about the alleged romance between Canada based upcoming artist Stephanie Otobo and popular Nigerian man of God, Apostle Suleiman.

Based on Otobo's confession and the evidence she provided to support her claim, it seems like most people believed her side of the story.

Now the matter had died down, until four women claiming to be Otobo's friends posted a video stating that Stephanie's allegations against the pastor was all lies, that he was only trying to help her and make her change her horrible lifestyle of pitching tent with wealthy men. The ladies also said their friend is fond of blackmailing rich men and that she even stole from them.

Meanwhile, words from Stephanie Otobo's circle of friends in Canada is that these women were paid $6,000 each to trash talk their friend. The lady in the blue off-shoulder shirt who introduced herself as Yvonne is a childhood friend of Stephanie. A close source reached out to us stating that Yvonne has since apologized to Stephanie for betraying her trust and calling her a liar in the video. Yvonne allegedly confessed to her Stephanie that she needed the money badly and asked her to forgive her.

Watch the video:

Lesson learned, if you are a man of God, respect yourself and practice what you preach. As for these women, there is a repercussion for every evil devise you participate in. Pastors are not God. They are humans and man is prone to mistakes.

Words of Wisdom: Choose our friends wisely and pray they don't become your worse enemies.

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