Flood Hits Lekki, Victoria Island In Lagos

Residents of Lekki, Victoria Island in Lagos, Nigeria have been trapped in their homes due to flood.

Poor drainage system coupled with the poor hygiene of people who sweep into the drainage and lack of sustained maintenance by relevant authorities is obviously the reason why this is happening again.

Most importantly, the big drains in Lagos Island were poorly constructed such that they are now lower than the Lagoons they should empty into.

Environmentalist Newton Jibuno said "When Victoria Island was sand filled and built in the 60s, it was over looking the Atlantic, but now it is the reverse as the Atlantic is over looking Victoria Island."

Truth is we (Nigerians) do not have a culture of sustainable maintenance as a people.

As miserable as the situation is, luckily, no life was lost but some people are already making light of the situation by using their boats, canoes to move around while some take a good swim in the contaminated water.

See videos and photos of the flood.

Flood Takes Over Lekki

Flood Takes Over Lekki 1

Flood Takes Over Lekki 2

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