Ayanna Michele 'The Deaf and Slaying' Model

Beautiful model Ayanna Michele was born with a hearing problem. As she grew older, her doctors feared and warned her that she could go completely deaf if she did not undergo "a long process of surgery, which would give" her an attempt to at least have a percentage of her hearing back.

On Thursday, August 17th, Ayanna revealed to the world via her Instagram page that she did go completely deaf earlier this year. Surprisingly, she refused to go with the surgery that the doctors advised her about simply because she wanted to be true to herself and not allow her whole essense defined by social standards.

With the caption "When You're Deaf & Slaying," the model talked about how her disability has not stopped her from believing in herself nor did it stop her from making good grades in school.

Now, all she wants to do is to continue doing her thing (staying unique) while the world conforms to the change she is putting in place.

See post below:

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